Crown "n"Cork Council No.44
Madison, Wisconsin
The Order of Knight Masons is an
Invitational and Honorary Body
Fraternal Greetings and
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Michael Mudrey, Jr.
Excellent Chief
2016 - 2017

OFFICERS 2016 - 2017
Excellent Chief Michael Mudrey,
Senior Knight Roger Bloomfield
Junior Knight Jonathon Wood
Treasurer Parker
Treasurer Emeritis Elmo O Peterson 
Scribe Richard
Scribe Emeritus Ross E
Senior Warden William Stonechipher
Junior Warden Michael Roering
Dir. Of Ceremonies David Larson
Priest Leroy Kifer
Steward Michael
Sentinel VACANT  
Trustee J. Patrick Storrs

Living Past Excellent Chiefs
1995 James M Horsfall 2010 Parker W Dow
1998 Brian J Hudy 2011 Leland Burlison
2000 Dean T Massey 2012 Raymond E Mielke
2004 James OF Kirsten 2013 Roderick Anderson
2006 Louis A Metz, III 2014 Lawrence O Presnell
2008 Lauren R Handeland 2015 David D Mahoney
2009 Richard Grey, Jr 2016 J. Patrick Storrs

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Richard Moen

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