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Council Dates for 2018:
March 10, 2018
June 23, 2018
September 15, 2018

Ronald C. Hart, Sr.
Excellent Chief 2017

Excellent Chief Ronald C. Hart, Sr. 
Senior Knight James T. Couch, Jr. 
Junior Knight Donald I. Crews 
Treasurer Dennis Lynch, PEC
Scribe R. Kent Wright, PEC  
Senior Warden Ron Hart, Jr. 
Junior Warden Carl Smith 
Dir. of Ceremonies Eddie M. Wilson, PEC
Priest Norman Lincoln, PEC 
Steward Ralph McLemore 
Sentinel Ron Richardson
Tyler Michael C. Bartholomew

Past Excellent Chiefs
2000 E. Randy Spradling 2010 Wing Fun Chow *
2001 John A. Busic 2011 Richard D. Lohnes
2002 Norman G. Lincoln 2012 Stephen L. Kaiser
2003 James C. Stephens, Jr. 2013 Eddie M. Wilson
2004 R. Dan Cogley 2004 T. Mark Liggett
2005 R. Kent Wright 2015 Dennis M. Lynch
2006 Wayne H. Meadows 2016 John D. Birle
2008 Donald Moon Lynne 2017 Ronald C. Hart
2009 Douglas E. Smith
* Deceased

Honored Members of St. Clair Council
R.E. Sir Knight E. Randy Spradling, KCZ
V.E. Sir Knight John A. Busic, KCZ
V.E. Sir Knight R. Daniel Cogley

For Information Contact:
Council Scribe: R. Kent Wright, PEC
226 Columbian Ave. Columbus, OH 43223
(614) 329-5970,

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