Knight Commander of Zerubbabel.

This neck jewel will be given by the Great Chief to Knight Masons annually in each jurisdiction who have exhibited the precepts of Knight Masonry above and beyond the call of duty. The Great Chief, Deputy Great Chief, and Grand Senior Knight will make annual selections based on the following criteria:
         A nomination shall come from a committee of all Past Excellent Chiefs of a Knight Mason Council, the senior
Past Excellent Chief in attendance to chair, all present shall sign the nomination next to their printed names
         Nominations shall be submitted in writing along with the nomination fee (made out to the Grand Council of Knight Masons) to the Great Chief before 15 January of each year
         The fee for the award will be $50 (fifty), no nomination may be received without the appropriate fee, the fee may be paid by the council, the nominee, or any sponsor
         The award will be limited to one Sir Knight in good standing per year per jurisdiction, however, the Great Chief may award more than one per jurisdiction at his discretion, as long as the issuance of the award does not conflict with the 5% rule below
         No more than 5% of any Council or jurisdiction's total current membership (as determined by the Grand Scribe) may be entitled to receive this award
         The award may not be given to any past or present elected official of the Grand Council
         Councils in jurisdictions with Grand Superintendents will forward their nomination through the Grand Superintendent for concurrence, those without Grand Superintendents will forward their nomination directly to the Great Chief
         Grand Superintendents may make one nomination at large from the jurisdiction they represent, in addition to the nominations from the Councils in their jurisdiction, however they must abide by the 5% rule, and if approved, the owning Council, nominee, or sponsor must cover the nomination fee
         Any nomination not accepted for any reason will be returned along with the nomination fee, and may be resubmitted the following year following all processes outlined.

Reference: MESK Kevin B. Sample, Great Chief Newsletter, Fall, 2011, pages 1 and 2.

17 Sir Knights received the Knight Commander Zerubbabel award for 2019
James E. Barton Nat Pace 46 Brandon Barry Mullins Trinity 36
Patrick Gage Bailey Clanna Ruid Ruide 58 Emory Jay Ferguson Vulcan 22
John Lilburn Cooper, III Clanna Ruid Ruide 58 James William McDaniel Tralee 41
Fred M. Palmer Delaware 18 Scott A. Gothe Northern New Jersey 10
Rawl John Scheibler Samual H J Womack 20 Donald Harrison Paumanok 4
John Alfred Argue O'Brien 117 Gerald E. Connally Solas Rosslyn 84
Michael Alan McCleary Killarney 56 Kelly Alton McMichael Wiregrass 114
James Wesley Tate Crowned Martyrs 120 Harley Lee Kropf Tipperary 62
Jeffrey Glen Burcham Fort Andrew Lewis 81